After a long voyage on the Sea of Tears we have finally arrived on the Amazon isles at the time of the Anjemma, a Call to home for Alla Amazon, something is about to happen that will shake the isles to their very core.

On the main land rumours abound about the marching Nightlord army. Telluria is in ashes, the Citystates of Ayden have fallen and their is no trace or word of the Trolls of the Forrest of Spirits.

Our 2021 Winter event will be from the 26th till the 28th of november

There are 110 beds available on site.

If you register and pay in good time you can guarantee yourself an indoors sleeping spot. You will receive an E-mail confirming if you were in time.
No major issues if you register late, there are a few option of dropping your own sleeping bag on the ground.

Alternatively there is an option to set up an InGame tent on the playing field.

Location information:
Location name De Kievit
Adress: Prins Hendriklaan 4
Zip code 5085 NJ
Town: Esbeek

NPC: before oktober 25th 2021: € 75 after the 25th of oktober 2021 € 85
PC: before oktober 25th 2021: € 85 after the 25th of oktober 2021: € 95

Included in the price is:
An bed inside. (Option to pitch an InGame tent) *
2 Dinners (Friday a light meal, full meal on Saterday)
2 Breakfast (Saterday and Sunday)
The location is accesable at 16:00 on Friday
Incheck opens at 17:00
Time in is at 20:00
Time Out is at Sunday 15:00

Necessaires: * Sleeping gear (sheet, blanket/sleeping bag) * Plate, soupbowl, cutlery and a mug