• How do you determine how much XP a character gets?
    Characters will get a base of 1 XP per day. In addition it is possible to accrue bonuses or penalties to this amount based on how you (role)play your character, according to the GM’s judgement.
    For example: staying true to your character in all your actions.
  • What is used for payment on Protos?
    This depends on the region you’re in. In one region gold is very valuable, in another region this can be sand, or wood. It depends on what is abundant or scarce in your current location.
  • What happens to the pictures that are taken during the event?
    Pictures taken during an event are sorted, and will be accessible through the Booyah forum. A link will be posted in a password-protected section of the forum. Only those present at the event will be given the password.
  • Why is there a different password for each event?
    This ensures that only people who were present at the event have access to the pictures.
  • Why aren’t all pictures that were taken posted online?
    Usually there are 1000+ pictures taken over the course of an event, many of them of the same moment. There are also a lot of porttrait pictures of individuals. We first sort out all the individual portraits into seperate folders. While these are not filtered for quality (light levels, blurring, etc.), the other pictures are being selected on this, and the ones we consider best are posted online. This process can take a long time.