• Do I have to pay immediately when registering, or can I pay later?
    Registration is for our administration. So we know who will be present. This for the layout of the game. Payment can be transferred on a later date, or on the event.
  • I have registered, and paid. Why have I not received a confirmation?
    Confirmation will be sent personally, and is not computer generated. It can take a while before a confirmation will be sent.
  • Is it possible to e-mail my characterform and background after I applied?
    It is possible to e-mail us your characterform and/or background after you applied. The dead-line is 14 days before the event starts, if you want us to take things in consideration in game.
  • Do I have to sent the Consent form and Medical form every time I apply?
    No, if you have already sent it to us, you don’t have to sent it every time. We are allowed to save this for 7 years by law. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes.
  • Why do I have to list my allergies on the medical form?
    So we can take this in consideration when we order our groceries. The allergies do not apply on LARP-related allergies only. Sometimes someone asks if they can bring their pet, and we can answer according to our allergy-list if it is possible to bring said pet.
  • Why do I have to list my fobia on the medical form?
    So we can take into consideration if someone has an OC fobia. It is not our intention to confront someone with their OC fobia.
  • Which meals are included in the cost?
    Breakfast and dinner.Midnight snack is considered an extra when we have enough applications. Midnight snack is a complimentary snack.
  • Why is dinner a buffet?
    There are a couple participants with allergies and/or special diet, which we take in consideration. We want everybody to be able to eat.
  • How do barvouchers work?
    A barvoucher stays behind the bar, and you do not need to carry it with you. So there isn’t any risk of losing it during play. If there is still something left on your card, you can use this on a next event. It will not expire.