A whole army?! Hold my drink, I got this! – Asta

This Node brewing in my pocket – Jordaan

Let me RTS this! – Akil Min al’Ahlam

Hard-core surviving Penta-player! Survive for 5 consecutive years: Jordaan

King by his own hand1 Ending a chartacter by becoming royalty of your own sovereign nation-state: Theodosius

Master of the Horde! Becoming Mach and ruler of the Murtameï Horde:Theodosius

Citadel Survivor! Went to Moon-citadel and lived to tell the tale:
* XI
* Kahlahn
* Black Snow
* Howling moon
* Dorian Blackstone
* Daxalarnus
* Lucia Moonbeam

Bést OMGS! OC check out: Marnix

Shortest lived character: Christine

Death by Denial: Neru

Get resurrected: Daxalarnas

Become an Elemental: Sarah Candlelight

Die by dice: Thur’Kull

Die for you god: Margok

Digga Tunnah!: Brahun

Sacrifice to save magic: Gwen

Snooze don’t Lose: Isocrates

Accidental Power-Play: XI

Stop Bash with ass: Thundercloud

1st to invent new spell: Danakar Endeel

Get GM in game: Mirna Platvoet

Winged One solo’ed: Sonea

Most “found” items: Mirna Platvoet

Most nearly death experiences in 1 event: Horse

1st  suicide bombing: Daxalarnas

1st  PvP kill: Tahn

1st  player to die: Casandra Tiagoras