Our world is called Protos. Protos is a High-fantasy setting with magical creatures of all sorts and sizes.

At the end of long day, you fall asleep… Tired of all the hassle, it won’t take long to fall asleep.
It’s the same dream again, mist and silver eyes of a woman in the mist… this time it seems different.
You have the feeling of falling backwards into the endless mist. Before you think you fall into the ground the feeling of falling comes to an end.
You look around, and amongst a couple of creatures, you see the grey woman with silver eyes.
She appears to be exist of mist, and her eyes have a hold on you.
“I have brought you here for a reason… The paths of destiny come together at this time and place, you are destined to be here… I do not know why… But I know what was, I see what is… and I hope what shall be”
Again you feel like you are falling…
When you open your eyes…. Surrounded by a world you do not know, scent, color, energy, everything seems different…
Then you hear a voice:
“Welcome at Protos…”

-In a world as brutal as it is now, those summons who thrive are the ambitious, the strong, the lucky or the insane. I cannot recall how many I have seen being killed by our enemies, ourselves or their own inability to see our world as different from theirs. Those who are mighty thrive and rise to become rulers like the Summon who is now Mach. Some can regale interesting or even great stories about their homeworld. But those stuck in the past cannot adapt, and are fated to become spilled blood and husks devoid of life. Protos is their testing ground. We shall see. –
Barjak, breaker of walls, Slayer of men in Iron suits

“Two things are certain in live, the Sun burns without mercy, and the Night will falls for everybody as the Moon wanes”
– Archibald the Artifact collector –
Protos is home to lots of creatures and clans. The Dragovanians live in the West, Duerghar, and giants live in the north. The Avenaï, Carnaxi, and trolls in the centre. And the Aydani to the south.
To the east the Murtameï plan their dream of destruction, and conquest.
Ever since human, Duerghar, Avenaï, fauns, and Elf can remember, the earthbound have lived under the joke of the Winged Ones, a nation of Sun and Moon that give little thought to the mortals crunching underneath their feet.
The world is torn by The Great Conflict, a war between the Winged Ones.
Through the millenia empires of “Earthbound” have risen and fallen under the pressure of the hate between these two powerful factions, and nations are forced to servitude. The flame of this conflict grows and dies, only to awaken ferociously once more.
This has led to devide the nations of the world, from those who technologically live in the late Middle Ages, or in the “Iron Age”, to those who are put in the “Stone Age” and now try to live primitively in harmony with nature.
Empires rise and fall, cities grow and burn, civilizations, villages, cultures, every cycle the great Conflict flares up, in an endless spiral of death and destruction.
1200 years ago the first Revolt took place, the earthbound fought back under the banner of the DragonKing, a creature from outside of Protos.
Recently the Dragovanians and the Avenaï clans united in an attempt to unite the world, and stand together against the Winged Ones.
Up to now it hasn’t been a true success, but the bundle of small victories, will soon amount to something.

The Time is now, arm yourself, charge your energy, and fight for a better future, for all those who walk the ‘earth’.

We mix an existing game world with all the possibilities of an open setting. This means that you can be a member of one of the miscellaneous nations who live on Protos, although there are some fixed cultural traits, there is ample room to give your own twist to the concept.
We are open to suggestions, but if it seems you need to stretch it too much, as a Summon you can play anything.

What is a Summon?
Imagine you have always wanted to play something “Special”, but so many times you hear “Does not fit the setting”, “Does not fit our world”, or something of the sort. As Summon you can play anything you can think of at Booyah.
Does this work? does this fit the storyline?
Yes, it does fit, because your character is put into our world in a familiar way, a variation of:

Summon, or Native, we always find a way to fit new characters into the game.
Personal background
If you sent us a personal background of your character, we shall try and give you some personal plot. At Booyah! we try to make plot that fits your character as well. We also try to go a bit further if it comes to emotional play.

We LOVE our NPC’s en try to write the roles so they feel like real characters with a important part of the gameworld. Our NPC’s are our most important help to bring our story and nations in our world to live.
If possible we try to keep the difference between NPC and PC as little as possible.

Game style
Be true to your character. Fighting or even just a small ritual, is not always the way to solve the plot. Most important is that you do what is logical for your character. Although we are a travelling LARP, the focus is on our recurring themes and that there are consequences on the actions your character takes.
Have you saved a village from a very evil Warlord? There is a chance the villagers will be grateful, and will make this clear to you in their own way.
Have you killed a Warlord? There is a chance his family and confidants will want revenge. Positive, or negative, bur consequences are a thing at Booyah!