Booyah was born in the minds of Arnold and Bram, lots of fun, and many a Duvel Ale.
The result was 19 rules set on paper, from which a rule system, and a setting grew for Booyah.

The gameworld and the game can best be labeled as a “SandBox”
You can do anything you want in this gameworld, but remember; every action has it’s reaction. If you throw snow balls tot the top of a mountain, there is a chance that it will start an avalanche… If you dig a big enough trench, and built an enormous wall than it might be you don’t feel any negative consequences of the avalanche. It depends what you want out of it…. Or how many snow balls the person next to you keeps flinging.
The story and plots are based on the “Heroic Epic” aspect of LARP.
Fast paced and hard battles alternate with “cloak & dagger” intrigues as the game progresses in the it’s organic way.
We combine an existing gameworld with all possibilities of an open setting.
This means you can become a member of one of the many tribes living on Protos. And while there is a fair amount of culture, there is also a lot of room for you to give your character it’s own twist. Feel free to contact us.
You can also play, anything else, anything you can imagine and anything you can give live to.
Imagine you have always wanted to do something “Special”, but you feel “It wouldn’t fit with the setting”, “It doesn’t fit in this gameworld”, or something of the sort. As a Summon you can play anything you can think of in our world.
“Even a previously existing character?” Sure, with 25xp
“Even a God?” Sure, with 25xp
It is up to you, whatever you decide you want to play.
If you are not sure, ór have questions please contact our Game Masters: sl.booyah@gmail.com
If you provide us with a personal background for your character, we’ll try to provide you with some quality game, tailor-made for you, Player motivation is a key Focus point for us
We at Booyah! try to facilitate a game experience that connects with you character, while also taking it to the next level, emotionally and physically.
The Setting ic CVC (Character vs Character) and as such e try to make the difference between NPC and PC as minimal as possible.
Our creed is: PLAY IT TO THE BONE!
Be loyal to your character. The most important thing is doing what seems logical to your character. Actions, and decisions you make, have consequences, bot the good ánd te bad.
For more information, look under Setting.
We are looking forward to the coming years, with more ideas, and even more chaos. There is only one thing left to say: